Humans Are Human with Kristen Buchanan

Season 2, Episode 57,  Nov 01, 2021, 11:00 AM

On this episode of the Humans of DevOps, Jason Baum is joined by Kristen Buchanan, founder of Edify. Find out how DevOps principles can be applied to people and team management, what the future of work holds and so much more!

Kristen Buchanan is the CEO and Founder of Edify, an AI platform that builds high-performing engineering teams, starting with onboarding. She started her first company in 2014 and built onboarding programs for companies such as AWS Elemental, Puppet, OpenSky Alibaba, Cirium (FlightGlobal), Cloudability and more. Kristen is passionate about developing the future of high-performing engineering organizations so that engineering teams can build better products, faster.

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