Opening Up a Can! (Of Worms...): Blind Date with Disney Halloween Special

Episode 58,  Oct 31, 2021, 09:00 AM

Join Brandon and Krysta for a "Blind Date with Disney - Disney Plus and Chill" episode. It's a very special Halloween episode, and Krysta having to watch Can of Worms is super scary!

Welcome back to "Disney, Eh?", the Disney travel podcast from a Canadian perspective. Join us - Brandon and Krysta - for a "Disney Plus and Chill" episode. It's a very special Halloween episode for this "Blind Date with Disney". We've opened a Can.... of Worms! This 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie has aliens and misfit teens and a Halloween dance... so come along as Krysta attempts to explain the weird plot to Brandon, and as we test Brandon's ability to identify the Disney villain evil laugh. Plus, as always, the Disney news catching our attention this week. And don't forget to contact us if you leave a review to receive a holiday card!

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