Ep. 642 - Last Night in Soho (GUEST: Alisha Grauso)

Nov 02, 06:00 PM

This week, Devindra checks out V/H/S/94 while Jeff gives his co-hosts a surprise. For the feature review, the Filmcast is joined by Alisha Grauso to chat about Last Night in Soho, the latest movie by director Edgar Wright.

Check out the interview with director Edgar Wright on David’s other podcast Culturally Relevant.

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Weekly Plugs

Shownotes (All timestamps are approximate only)
What we've been watching  (~2:15)
David - Don’t Breathe 2, The Protege, The Forever Purge
Devindra - Maya and the Three, Fear Street 1978, V/H/S/94 
Jeff - Scenes from a Marriage, Raw

Feature  (~1:05:30)
Last Night in Soho
Spoilers (~1:27:20)

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