35 | What is the moon? A channeled story about the moon’s creation & purpose

Nov 11, 2021, 09:44 PM

In this transmission, I share with you a magical story about the creation and the purpose of the moon. 

I have had many people ask me during trance channeling sessions what the moon is. There are many stories about what the moon could be and why it has been created. 

At the moment we are entering The Golden Age of Miracles, the New Earth as we ascend to 5D. It is the journey to returning to the divine self and to the sacred which is in everything. Many of us have been receiving low vibe information that is making us forget this sacredness and this includes negative stories about what the moon really is.

I share with you a beautiful story about the divine creation of our galaxy, our solar system and how Earth, an advanced being, has been able to stabilise to be able to create and sustain life through the balancing forces of the masculine sun and feminine moon.

Learn about how the moon was made, what its purpose is and our magical connection that humans have had with the moon to honour its sacredness for thousands and thousands of years.

This is a message of the return of sacredness.

I have channeled this transmission many time from the Arcturians and each time it is channeled with more precision and refinement.

I hope that you will find the trust in your heart in the connection that we have with this advanced sacred being, that is the moon.

With love,


This episode covers:
  • How to receive spiritual transmissions
  • The creation of our galaxy
  • The creation and organisation of star systems
  • The purpose of dragons in the creation of the universe
  • The balancing of masculine & feminine forces in the solar system
  • How the moon was created and why it needed here
  • Ancient civilisations and their connection with the moon
  • How the moon affects us as humans on Earth
  • High & low vibe oracular predictions for Earth’s ascension 

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