The Bahala Na Gang, The Terror of the Philippines & How They Controlled Prisons, The Streets & The Taco Stand Massacre.

Episode 21,  Aug 02, 2021, 07:26 PM

* episode starts at min 17min.

 From war lords, to drug kingpins, Cartels, criminals, gangs, serial killers, and ever day psychos, World on Drugs with Steve Furey deep dives into subjects and people other wont. We analyze it through the lens of comedy, to try and see how and why these people/event went down the wrong road. So come join me, Steve Furey and my funny friends to learn about some of the people who stay in the shadows. 

From Netflix, The Winner of NBC's Stand Up for Diversity Jr Deguzman (@Jrdguz) Researcher Dr. Joe Hoffswell (@drhoffswell) 

I’ll be talking about Bahala Na Gang, a Filipino street gang that emerged immediately after World War 2 as hardened criminals were released back into society. They are the anything goes gang and like fighting, drinking, and killing competitors and police. I’ll talk about their early history, their expansion into America, and finish by talking about what has been going on with them the past few years as they have been strictly targeted by law enforcement and military in the Philippines.

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