18st Gang, The Worlds Largest & Most Violent Gang Pt.2 of 2

Season 1, Episode 21,  Jul 29, 2021, 07:59 PM

* episode starts at min 26. From war lords, to drug kingpins, Cartels, criminals, gangs, serial killers, and ever day psychos, World on Drugs with Steve Furey deep dives into subjects and people other wont. We analyze it through the lens of comedy, to try and see how and why these people/event went down the wrong road. So come join me, Steve Furey and my funny friends to learn about some of the people who stay in the shadows. Guest is Malik Bazille (@MalikBazillem Fighter & the Kid Pod, Cutting Weigth Pod) Researcher Dr. Joe Hoffswell (@drhoffswell) A two part banger looking at the 18th Street Gang coming your way! Part 1 I’ll be talking about how they started, the dude who made it, their rules and regulations, what makes them different, and the things they’ve been doing in the good ole US of A! Part 2 will focus on how they became a transnational terrorist threat (according to the Trump administration) and their activities across Central America. A lot of it will be out of El Salvador because they have a boatload of power there! Sources (Reagan Latin America Policies) https://tnsr.org/roundtable/policy-roundtable-reagan-and-latin-america/ Information on 18th street markings and colors http://www.ncgangcops.org/18th_Street.html Ortiz Jr., J.A. (2012) Are the Mara Salvatrucha and 18th street gangs a threat to our national security. (MA Thesis) Indiana State University Retrieved from http://scholars.indstate.edu/bitstream/handle/10484/4766/Ortiz%2C%20Jose.pdf?sequence=2&isAllowed=y Insight Crime overview of 18th Street in El Salvador https://insightcrime.org/el-salvador-organized-crime-news/barrio-18-profile-2/ Stoll, D. (2013). Homies and hermanos: Gods and gangs in Central America. Social Forces. Retrieved from https://sites.middlebury.edu/dstoll/files/2018/06/Review-WardBrenneman-Gangs-copy.pdf Congressional Report on MS-13 and 18th Street https://www.files.ethz.ch/isn/118413/2007-11-02_Gangs_Threat.pdf van der Borgh, C. (2016) The truce between the mara Salvatrucha and 18thstreet gang in El Salvador. Retrieved from https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wim-Savenije/publication/309397890_The_Truce_between_the_Mara_Salvatrucha_and_18th_Street_Gang_In_El_Salvador_From_Opportunity_to_Failure/links/580e402908aef766ef10e248/The-Truce-between-the-Mara-Salvatrucha-and-18th-Street-Gang-In-El-Salvador-From-Opportunity-to-Failure.pdf