Thundercast Series 2 - The Moment You've Haythornth-waited For

Season 2, Episode 1,   Nov 12, 2021, 03:46 PM

We're back, and we're ready to roll with Thundercast series 2.

Last season, we took you on the rollercoaster ride of the 2021 season, bring you the highs and the lows, along with the latest news, player insights and big name guests. And we've got so much more coming your way for the 2022 season.

We thought we would start the new series with a bang, and get right to the centre of things. To help us to just that, we are joined by two superstars of the netball world - Manchester Thunder Head Coach and Director of Netball, Karen Greig, and England Rose and new Thunder signing for 2022, Natalie Haythornthwaite.