Episode 2: Tackling racism with Dion Dublin

Episode 2,   Nov 20, 2020, 12:17 PM

Episode 2: Tackling racism with Dion Dublin

Over the past few months millions of people have taken to the streets across the world demanding their voices be heard in the fight against racism.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations have shone a light on racial divides and inspired hope that there is an opportunity for meaningful change.

Former England football player and TV star Dion Dublin is our guest for this episode, during which he talks about the racism he experienced on the pitch, how he dealt with discrimination then and more recent examples of abuse from strangers.

Dion had a hugely successful record on the field for clubs including Manchester United, Aston Villa and Celtic before embarking on a high profile second career as presenter of BBC One’s Homes Under the Hammer.

Gareth and Craig talk to Dion about his approach to racism and stigma, his feelings on tokenism and positive discrimination, and how education can help in reducing racism.

We hope you enjoy this episode, the second in our series looking at how we can together tackle stigma, misunderstanding and discrimination around vital social issues, including HIV.

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