Bela Balint - Shoemaker

May 12, 2012, 10:31 AM, Innere Stadt, Vienna, Austria
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documentally - over 5 years ago

Hi @bundini, thanks for the comment. I will certainly return should i find my way back to Vienna. Not sure i'll ever be able to afford such luxury for the feet but i'll certainly never scrimp again.


bundini - over 5 years ago

Wow! Who knew that there was so much "science" involved in the Art of Shoemaking? Not I, that's for sure. Great interview. And 15 minutes? That's a serious amount of time -- although perhaps compared to the 10months for a first pair of bespoke shoes, Bela sees that as a blink of the eye. Can you imagine, in daily social technology space, starting an idea and then ALWAYS knowing that it takes 10months to completion? I loved the special comment on how, in the Far East, they use the knowledge of the anatomy of the foot to deliver torture -- by design. (Many of us have "accidentally" discovered those torture points -- not by design. ;) Now I know the "coup de grace" on whenever I take my #VSOE journey is to stop in Vienna, make an appointment with Bela and begin the 10-month journey to a perfect pair of shoes.