Friday, November 19: The Week In Flubbles; Close Calls On 95; The Ultimate Rock Auction

Nov 19, 2021, 04:11 PM

The Flubble Montage was short and sweet this week, highlighted by a very tired AJ from last Friday, before he exited the box. (0:00)

Scot Haney from WFSB Channel 3 shared the first thing he looks to put on his plate during Thanksgiving dinner. (2:39)

Comedian Mo Mussa was in studio with Chaz and AJ, and had just finished telling them about the crazy car accident he was in on 95. The Tribe called in some insane close-calls they've experienced and felt lucky to be alive after. (10:19)

Martin from Julien's Auctions called Chaz and AJ this morning to talk about the crazy exclusive and valuable rock items that are expected to fetch some crazy money this weekend. Everything from guitars played by Eric Clapton, to ones built by Eddie Van Halen, and items or notes that once belonged to Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, Elvis, and more. (17:40)

Boss Keith's Top 5 started with a war of words about U2 and their most important album, Achtung Baby. Then, he shared the top five things he's most looking forward to next week. (37:12)

Image Credit: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton