Jumpy Cat App, The Importance Of Staying Connected, & Five Senses Therapy

Episode 20,   Nov 22, 2021, 01:00 PM

It’s time for another episode of the Happy Hour. As always, Holly and Paulina are keeping you company.

Holly will be getting a bit sweaty and doing a home workout (so you don’t have to) as she’ll be checking out Jumpy Cat, a simple and accessible fitness app. Did you ever think the words Holly and workout would be in the same sentence?  

Paulina will be chatting to Mr Nicky Williams about the importance of staying connected, joining RNIB telephone befriending groups, and how much joy listening to books brings him.

Finally, RNIB Connect Radio’s Ellie Marsh will be finding out about Five Senses Therapy and how getting a nice massage can help us relax. All we ask is that you finish listening to the show first before running off to book that spa day! 

For more information on the Jumpy Cat visit: https://jumpycatapp.com/

To find out more about Five Senses Therapy head to their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/FiveSenses.TherapyUK/

Find our musical guest, Follow The Compass, here: Make it to Morning - YouTube 

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