Explore | Gravel at a crossroads

Season 9, Episode 202,  Nov 24, 2021, 05:30 PM

In this fourth and final episode in our mini-series of Explore we look at the  gravel scene.

Gravel at a crossroads is partly inspired by some of the reaction to our feature on the so-called "first professional gravel race" in Veneto in episode one. Some took exception to the description, with one listener advising us that if we want to talk about gravel we should speak to some Americans!

So we have. In this episode we hear from Caley Fretz, editor of Cycling Tips and "groad" pioneer, and Ian Boswell, the former World Tour pro who won Unbound, arguably the world's biggest gravel race, this year.

We also speak to two riders at a crossroads in their careers: Tiffany Cromwell, who is combining Women's World Tour racing with gravel races, and Finley Newmark, a promising young rider who is turning full-time to gravel in 2022. 

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