Wendy, 11.28.21 - Channeling - the nightlights - Change

Nov 27, 2021, 06:25 PM

You think this change is big - wait til you see the next phase.

What do the nightlights look like? I have no idea. They are non-corporeal - no physical body = light and energy.

So my best representation of them is what I 'see' as the blinking and interactive effect in lights around me - and most reliably - in my nightlights, 24/7. YouTube video.

The connection is telepathic - something I had to refine when the activity began. The activity started and has been ongoing since December 1997 - and that was my inspiration and incentive to learn to channel.

Some amazing things have happened since then. Even so, what might have been a preparation was my experience in a meditative state in 1987 - I popped out of body and saw myself from above.

The big surprise was seeing the glowing gold orb hovering above my body on the bed and then realizing I also had the ability to see the body directly below me from that vantage point - without using my eyes. I had omnidirectional awareness. And I was present in 3 states of awareness.

It gave me insight from first hand experience that others also exist in that same multi-dimensional state of being. Know it and not.

Game changer. The introduction to my nightlights [2010]

And here we are. 2020.

Another video of the nightlight is on my blog.

Big changes coming our way. Take care and stay curious!