Quantitative Easing. Making You Feel Wealthy

Episode 2,  Nov 29, 2021, 06:05 AM

Q.E. or Quantitative Easing. You’ve heard the term hundreds of times before. Ask anybody  to explain it and they look at you blankly. In this episode of Burgernomics we explain how Q.E. is keeping your mortgage payments low, increasing the value of your home, making you feel wealthy, or if your trying to buy a home making you feel frustrated! How does quantitative easing achieve this? What if Q.E. stops? When could it stop? Why would it stop?
Who better to demystify Q.E. than Head Of Economics for the ANZ Bank, David Plank. ANZ is one of the banks that participate in Australia’s $4bn weekly quantitative easing program. At the end of the podcast David takes the Burgernomics Test to explain Q.E. through the analogy of a hamburger.