Monday November 29th, 2021: The Santa Tip Line Returns; Mean Kids; How To Decorate A Tree

Nov 29, 2021, 02:03 PM

The internet is never short of new challenges, but we found one that really intrigued us called “The Urban Dictionary Challenge”. (0:30)

The Santa Tip Line is back, and we already have calls flooding in! (2:32)

If you do this to a server at a restaurant while your spouse is around, that’s all I need to know about you! (9:43)

What’s trending? We talk about the top stories you may have missed over the Holiday weekend! (13:09)

Kids have no filter when it comes to telling the truth! But what was the worst thing a child has ever said to you? (16:22)

Did you know there was more than just one way to decorate your Christmas tree with lights? Lowe’s had some helpful ways you can decorate your tree to make sure every single part of it is covered with lights! Which of these methods do you use to decorate your tree? (23:49)

Couples Court: Whitney and Michael's seven-year-old has been bullied by the same girl in his class for a bit now. They've complained to the administration and her parents, and it has continued. Michael says they have no choice but to call the police and make them aware of the situation. Whitney says that's crazy. You can't call the police on a child! Their son needs to learn how to stand up for himself, and it's not like she's threatening his physically, it's just teasing. Whose side are you on? (27:26)

Does Michael have what it takes to win today’s jackpot, or will we continue to add to the grand total!? (35:30)

A sign was put up at an Arby’s by a manager that expressed they only wanted well-behaved children in the establishment. If your child does misbehave in public, what do you do about it? How do you control a child’s tantrum? (38:43)