Angus Fletcher - The Human Brain's Most Powerful Technology : Literature

Season 3, Episode 81,  Nov 29, 2021, 10:17 PM

This week Richard Kilgarriff shares OMI with a man who maps the genesis and evolution of literature from clay tablets to digital screens, showing how the science of stories has invented solutions for being human in the same way that the wheel helped us to move forward and the jet engine helped us to fly.

In Wonderworks – Literary Invention and The Science of Stories – dual trained neuroscientist and doctor of literature Angus Fletcher explains how mankind's most enduring technology makes our past, present and future worth living.

From Aristotle Poetic’s  to Mario Puzo’s Godfather, he explores why such inventions were needed, how they work on the human brain and helpfully, where you can find them to make your own life better and more meaningful.

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