Anthony Lindan - Talks Corporate Magic, Kids Shows and Escaping Suit Jackets | Talk Magic Podcast With Craig Petty #121

Episode 121,  Nov 30, 2021, 01:00 PM

In this interview Anthony talks about his career. He talks about what you need to do to become a successful magician. He talks about his personal highs and lows as well as his goals and dreams moving forward.

Anthony Lindan’s long standing love for magic started with a magic set which his neighbor gifted him when he was 8. Therefore, in his mother-in-law’s words, He has been fooling himself. Performing at pubs, restaurants, and comedy clubs earned him enough to cover the expanse at Queen’s University and Seneca College.

For so many years, while performing part-time, Anthony also worked in the media, initially as a radio news anchor & reporter, then as a researcher with a media research company.

Since 1997 he has established Anthony Lindan Productions for entertainment marketing, team building, and corporate training. Unfortunately, he had to make more efforts to run his own business as he used to do being an employee. But the experience of the media job helped him to understand the client’s events, to write scripts for business theatre and trade show presentations. On a performance front, he took part in a Canadian military entertainment tour in Bosnia and performed at the Consumer Electronics Show (North America’s largest trade show) in Las Vegas.

On top of all of this Anthony has released some of the most commercial stage magic tricks ever created.  His Suit Jacket Escape is performed by magicians worldwide and he has several other products he has marketed through Bill Abbott Magic.  As well as all this Anthony is an incredible kids entertainer and has developed a huge following as a kids entertainer.