Mission Impossible

Episode 2,  Dec 02, 2021, 06:01 PM

Can the SCMP succeed? Hear from the believers and the skeptics.

In this episode, Susan Bird introduces the story of an audacious attempt to reconfigure a local newspaper into a global media powerhouse and the challenges that effort presents both in terms of journalistic goals and the need for profitability. The South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s flagship newspaper, says it wants to lead the global conversation about China in a neutral and balanced way while being owned by Alibaba, one of China’s giant tech companies. 

Can they succeed? 

And if they produce reporting that is neutral and trustworthy, can they make money at it? 

You’ll hear from people on the scene who are believers and others who are deeply skeptical. 

No one knows why Alibaba bought the SCMP but opinions are candid and plentiful. Find new episodes every two weeks.