Friday December 3rd, 2021: Raven’s Report Card; Secret Stash; Tripled Paycheck

Dec 03, 2021, 03:02 PM

The seven thing’s old people do that young people are sick of…What do you do on this list that drives the younger generations crazy? (0:15)

Every week, Raven’s wife Alicia joins us to give Raven a grade based off how he behaved as a husband throughout the week. What grade will Alicia give Raven this week!? (3:12)

Anna & Raven check in on the Santa Tip Line to see who has been good and who has been bad. (7:12)

Canada has a secret stash of something you won’t believe! What do you keep a secret stash of? (9:39)

Tis the season for cuffing! What’s “cuffing season” you ask? The NYC Wing woman Cher Gopman joins us to let you know all about it! (16:32)

If your job accidentally gave you extra money in your paycheck, would you say something to them? Five calls say it all! (20:26)

Couples Court: Brandon did a lot of his 12-year-old son's science project. The teacher emailed them last night to ask if they "over assisted" in the project. Abby thinks they should just come clean and tell her the truth that yes, they helped a lot with their son's project. Brandon says no way, it's obnoxious that the teacher even sent that email! Whose side are you on? (28:15)

Can Gerald Beat Raven and send him into the weekend with a loss? Or will the “Can’t Beat Raven” jackpot continue to grow? (37:03)

It’s Friday, which means it’s time to have a margarita for all the thing’s you’ve had to deal with this week! What did you do to earn your margarita? (40:24)

Yesterday Anna tried to put her children to sleep by scratching their heads. Today’ both Anna & Raven test it on their spouses. (43:45)