Lateral-Flow Assay Development: It's Not Rocket Science But You Need Help - rapidmicrobiology Podcast

Episode 9,   Dec 13, 2021, 09:59 AM

In this podcast, Andre Alfaro, Director of Assay Development at nanoComposix, lends expertise to medical device manufacturers entering the LFT market, particularly for COVID-19. Andre provides insights into this fast-growing sector and explains how nanoComposix can help every step of the way.

[0:44] - nanoComposix's lateral-flow development services 
[3:50] - Developing a SARS-CoV-2 lateral-flow test and bringing it to market 
[4:58] - The beauty of antibody tests
[7:47] - Why choose nanoComposix?
[9:50] - How precious are gold particles?
[13:32] - Health product agencies raising the quality standards bar 
[15:20] - 1st gen assays that gave the rapid test a bad rap
[19:20] - How robust is your supply chain?
[21:45] - We're on top of mutating viruses 
[22:50] - Saliva-based tests are the way forward
[25:34] - Lateral-flow can do it in 60 seconds
[27:05] - ISO Standards
[27:56] - Talking to experts enables proper planning