Monday, Dec. 13: Mask Mandate Returns to Hamden, AJ's Trip to the E.R., Judge Lisa Wexler

Dec 13, 2021, 08:45 PM

Hamden Mayor Lauren Garrett was on the phone to address the decision to re-implement the mask mandate. (0:00)

AJ had to leave for his hernia surgery, so Ashley wound up driving him in this morning. During Dumb Ass News, comedian Pat Oates was in the studio and everyone got to hear what AJ had to deal with on the ride in. (12:05)
In news, Jimmy Koplik was on to give away some additional tickets that did not go out during the live broadcast on Friday. Jimmy was very generous to donate the tickets, to help raise money for the Toy Drive. (16:15) 

Judge Lisa Wexler was on the phone to address a recent decision in Germany regarding people working from home, and what is considered the "work commute." Plus, Leon called in to share a story about someone getting run over. (35:39) 

In Dumb Ass News, more stories from the Tribe about people getting run over, and a naked Florida woman kept hugging people. (55:14) 

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Charles_David/iStock/Getty Images Plus