Dragon Flight by Anne McCaffrey

Episode 13,   Dec 15, 2021, 03:13 AM

This episode the battle of nostalgia driven favourites continues fantasy/sci-fi classic Dragon Flight by Anne McCaffery.

Leah talks about her favourite things in the series from her childhood and the more questionable elements. Brie mostly struggles with the amount of capitalization of normal words. We talk about revisiting our respective problematic favs named Anne and how you can love something while acknowledging it's bonkers and has some problems.

Content Warning: Issues of consent, dubious and non-consensual sex is a common theme in these books. Also brief mentions of some fatphobia and homophobic views. 

Additional Note: This episode was recorded months before the news of Anne Rice's passing, who comes up a bit in this episode. She was huge influence on genre fiction and her works mean a lot to Brie. However, she is also a complicated person to be a fan of and we speak pretty flippantly about that. RIP Anne Rice, you cast a long shadow and impacted many. So long and thanks for all the vampires.