Myrian Galler, 12.15.21 - 2/2 Amayah. The Beings. The Prediction.

Dec 15, 2021, 06:45 PM

About Amayah: I am Amayah. Here you will find the story of an amazing being that became trapped in the cycle of incarnation on Earth. I hope that my experiences inspire you to discover your story.

Labels. There are several that might apply: Contactee, Experiencer, Multiple NDEs. Unfortunately, the label is a poor substitute for the story. It simply hints to the fact there is a lot going on here.

This is a two part conversation with Myrian Gallar - AKA Amayah.

If you hear little moans in the background - that is Myrian's dog whining - asking to go out. I didn't cut it out - but I do want to mention it in case the audio amplifies it and there is a question about what the heck is going on. Now you know. ;)

Part two picks up with the UFO sighting and progresses to the Beings and the various contacts - the shamanic element of working in different dimensions and the challenge of keeping everything straight, determining what information to share and if so - where to share it.

The prophecy part is repeated - first in a segment and then in the entirety. 

Myrian has sent some documents to share of the 'transmissions' she has received. . . . I believe she will also post those on her site but for now I will offer a preview and upload to my Talking to Nightlights blog.

Myrian's website.