Long Distance Medicine. Setting up a rural specialist tele-kidney care service from scratch – featuring Dr. Anurag Singh

Season 1, Episode 3,   Dec 16, 2021, 10:00 PM

In this episode we interview Dr. Anurag Singh, nephrologist and Medical Lead for the Northern Health Kidney Care program. Dr. Singh discusses the challenges he and his team face providing a regional kidney-care service across the massive geographical area of Northern BC, and how implementing a new telemedicine service improved care for patients in rural communities. In addition to improving access to care in rural communities, the tele-kidney care project achieved success in increasing the uptake of home dialysis to 22% (making it the highest in the province), and resulted in patients being referred for services earlier in their disease progression.  Access to tele-kidney care also resulted in savings of an average of $375 in travel expenses and eliminated 839 km of travel per patient ($300,000 and 863,883km total). Dr. Singh also reflects on the professional rewards of practicing medicine in Northern BC, and the personal satisfaction of living in a community so close to nature.

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