How to use Tarot in your daily life with Marianne Costa

Season 1, Episode 8,   Dec 18, 2021, 10:19 PM

In this episode you will get to know about
what led Marianne to discover Tarot,
the language of Tarot,
practices for the embodiment of Tarot,
the story telling qualities of Tarot,
tips on pulling the cards in our daily lives,
Tarot for the manifestations of our visions,
Pschycomagical acts to access parts of ourselves and brake patterns.
En este episodio escucharas a cerca de
que le llevo a Marianne a descubrir el Tarot,
el lenguaje del Tarot,
practicas para incorporar el Tarot,
la cualidad de contar historias que tiene el Tarot,
consejos para utilizar el Tarot en nuestra rutina diaria,
Tarot para manifestar nuestras visiones,
Actos psicomagicos.
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