What happened at Boris's Covid Cabinet meeting?

Dec 21, 2021, 02:16 PM

Boris Johnson chaired a Cabinet meeting yesterday to discuss the imposition of new Covid restrictions over Christmas. After three hours, the Prime Minister emerged to announce that no new restrictions had been decided on. 

These meetings are usually called for the Cabinet to rubber-stamp a decision made by Boris and his advisers, so what's changed? 

Reports today suggest that the Prime Minister was actively encouraging opposing voices, and that a majority of the Cabinet was against bringing in new rules. After the resignation of David Frost, has Boris been forced to accept a new way of decision-making? Katy Balls speaks to Fraser Nelson and Kate Andrews.

On the podcast, Fraser says: 'This was the first taste of the new Cabinet. The Prime Minister is being boxed in now by what his Cabinet will go with. He's now got to win them around. That's a very different process.'