DCU Invent: Gaitkeeper - A conversation with Gaitkeeper CEO, Aidan Boran

Episode 3,   Dec 21, 2021, 07:16 PM

The way you walk provides an incredible amount of information about your past, present and future health. Clinicians refer to this as gait analysis. It is widely used in human healthcare as it is an excellent predictive indicator of cognitive and physiological decline. 
Currently, most gait analyses use the manual, subjective and labour intensive “observational method”. 
GaitKeeper is a game changing motion capture platform that will address the poorly served observational gait analysis market by providing objectivity, ease of use and portability at low cost. 

In today's episode, Aidan covers how he came up with and developed the technology behind Gaitkeeper, the role of DCU and his clinical collaborators, and how he's getting on with investors as he seeks to scale the business.

If you'd like to know more about the company, visit www.gaitkeeper.ie. If you're a healthcare professional seeking to learn more or a potential investor, contact Aidan and the team at aidan.boran@insight-centre.org.