#LondonCalling: Trash-talking Sir Tony Blair. @JosephSternberg @WSJOpinion

Jan 05, 01:01 AM

Photo:   Cartoon from Punch. It was printed with the following short article:

["It is reported that after the Leeds Festival Dr. Sullivan will be knighted." Having read this in a column of gossip, a be-nighted Contributor, who has "the Judge's Song" on the brain, suggests the following verse, adapted to probabilities.]

As a boy I had such a musical bump,
    And its size so struck Mr. HELMORE,
That he said, "Though you sing those songs like a trump,
    You shall write some yourself that will sell more."
So I packed off to Leipsic, without looking back,
    And returned in such classical fury,
That I sat down with HANDEL and HAYDN and BACH,—
    And turned out "Trial by Jury."   [more]

#LondonCalling:  Trash-talking Sir Tony Blair.  @JosephSternberg @WSJOpinion