Gardening with Sue Stuart-Smith

Episode 6,  Feb 04, 12:01 AM

Sue Stuart-Smith, a prominent psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Her book,
The Well Gardened Mind was published in 2020 and became a Sunday
Times bestseller. She is married to Tom Stuart-Smith, the celebrated garden
designer, and, over thirty years together, they have created the wonderful
Barn Garden in Hertfordshire.   
We talk to Sue about what nature brings us in times of challenge and darkness – a sense of hope, of space away from our problems, and a chance to reframe, as well as the well-being benefits. Sue talks about her journey into gardening through growing herbs and how she found herself creating a place of peace, a place for nature connectedness, and a chance to renew and refill her energy. And why encouraging children to get out in nature is so important for their wellbeing.

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