SuperShow 104: Will The PlayStation VR2 Be A Game Changer For VR?!

Episode 104,  Jan 07, 08:00 PM

Happy New Year! Did Jamie like The Matrix Resurrections? Did Jonesy hate Metroid Dread? All these questions and more will be answered in this week's episode!

Elsewhere, we're only one week into 2022, and the games industry is already serving up all kinds of news. Sony recently attended CES to unveil the PlayStation VR2, their next-gen VR headset. With games like Guerilla's 'Horizon Call Of The Mountain' already in development for the device, could it be a game-changer for VR?

We also discussed the latest news on a potential 'The Last Of Us Remake', as well as Naughty Dog's long-awaited standalone 'Factions' multiplayer mode, and broke down recent comments from 'Days Gone' director Jeff Ross about the games "weird" treatment. Enjoy!