Hard Truths

Season 12, Episode 2,   Jan 08, 2022, 06:35 PM

Welcome Back to Blue Moon Vibes! The podcast that makes you laugh a lil' bit cry a lil' bit, and think a lil' bit! My goal is to be the one that gives you more than you asked! I hope you can find value in these topics, and they become something that you talk amongst your friends and family about! Don't shy away from challenging issues because that is where growth happens! The change you want to see is the change you must create! We are worthy, we are tenacious, we are strong, and we are purposeful! The only way to erase the divide is to unite as a nation and treat each other as people, with respect and courtesy!

Happy New Year
It's Series 12 Episode 2
It is day 8 of the new year! Before we get started, how has your year been thus far? Mine has been insane hence the time of this post, and I am beyond sorry for that! If you guys follow me on IG @all.thatt.jazz, I made a post about how I was made fun of as a child for having dark skin, so much so they called me BEAST! My post more or less stated that I now understand they were telling me who I was before I knew! So 2022 is #BEASTMODE. So on today's episode, we continue with our discussion around the belief that financially affluent black people don't understand what it means to be black. Why do you believe that black people have crushed stereotypes, risen above our originally impoverished destiny to create a future of wealth and a foundation of success? We further speak about how we have furthered our culture through the pages of a book. We through a wild card in there of what never fails to liven up a party! We then move on to discuss, what are some hard truths in life that you have had to learn? PBID drops a bomb on us with, "You are the orchestrator of most of your problems." Have you ever stopped to take that realization in? As he leaves us speechless with that response, we begin discussing whether the black past proves the black future?

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