Is 500 Hours Too Long for a Video Game?

Episode 366,  Jan 10, 06:18 AM

On Throwdown Your Questions Ep. 366, we answer questions about Dying Light 2 and game length, top 100 games, NFTs in games, 2022 games, remastered sequels, PS5, and more!

Here are all of the questions we answer this week:

- Is 500 hours too long for a video game?
- What do you all make of IGN's top 100 games of all time list?
- Should musicians tell game devs how NFTs work?
- What are the top 3 games you’re looking forward to in 2022?
- What first games need to be remastered with its sequel’s controls?
- Can you convince me to get a PS5 this year?
- Will 2022 be the year of the PlayStation?
- What would be in your ideal Star Wars game?
- Who would you choose as new sidekicks for Captain N?
- Which console “won” last-gen: PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch?

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