*Repost* Episode 200 with Bob Saget #GrownDadBusiness "Bob Saget is Here for You"

Jan 11, 2022, 03:39 PM

One of the most well-known, funniest Dads in the world: Bob Saget *repost from May 2020*

Remembering my friend Bob Saget.
This is a full cut of both parts of episodes 200 and 201 - recorded during the Pandemic, May 2020.

One of the most well-known, funniest Dads in the world, incredibly someone I call my friend, Bob Saget. We get to talm’bout: plumbing issues, Norman Lear, kids watching your comedy, being away from his kids during Covid, politics and religion in comedy, being a ‘hyphenate’ entertainer, marriage is baseball, advice from Louie Anderson, watching sexy stuff with your wife and of course, having no live comedy during Covid, buying stock in Zoom, TVs Best Dads, critics on Full House, what Bob has taught me about integrity, bad days on set, slippin in Stamos’ DMs, Tiffany Haddish killin it, the ‘Videos After Dark’ show, comedians being serious actors and ‘Hot Bob Rippers.’

BONUS-POST-EPISODE ‘That was Good, Right?’ with Bob about ‘Dirty Work,’ Norm MacDonald and Chris Farley as ‘Jimmy-No-Nose’ ONLY AVAILABLE at Patreon.com/AaronKleiber