George Cartwright

Jan 11, 05:24 PM

In 2010, after serving eighteen years in California law enforcement, George Cartwright retired his badge and became a Criminology instructor at Reedley College. Two years later, he completed his doctorate of Psychology in Organization Development. In his careers, Dr. Cartwright has moderated discussion panels as well as facilitated training and delivered presentations to a variety of groups, in such areas as: workplace violence, hate crimes, conflict resolution, stress management, time management, mentoring, leadership, interpersonal communication, domestic violence, stalking, and the Miranda Rights of the Fifth Amendment.
In 2013, Dr. Cartwright received the prestigious “Commitment to Student Success Faculty Award.” In 2016, he received the Certificate of Appreciation presented by members of Alpha Gamma Sigma     for “unparalleled inspiration, countless contributions and dedication to student success at Reedley College.”
In 2021, he authored and published a textbook on criminal investigations which can be viewed here: Criminal Investigations.
He also assisted in writing an introductory textbook which can be viewed here:  Introduction to Criminology.
Additionally, he has published articles on such topics as ethics, workplace violence prevention, succession planning, creating a learning organization, and developing and implementing mentoring programs. His published articles can be found here.
He enjoys spending time with his wife and children, going to the gym, and hiking. Currently, he teaches at Madera Community College. He can be reached by phone at 559-770-7509 or email at You can also connect with him on his LinkedIn page:
Read George's Textbooks here: