#071 The Belated Christmas Issue

Episode 71,   Jan 12, 2022, 10:39 PM

Due to Buttons being busy having a southern hemisphere summer holiday, this Christmas special clearly is well ​late (which he apologies for profusely) but it's worth the wait - not least due to the amazing ____________*1 as well as the ____________*2!
In here you'll find news on time travelers from Mars, theoretically Anthrax ridden conspiracy theorists and auto-replicating Pacman-esque xenobots made from frog cells... in a dish non the less! Also; some new Bigfoot footage from Georgia along with some old footage from a cowboy, alien bases below the ice, an expletive ridden speed sighting and a Jelly fish with ​30ft ​mouth-arms... or is it arse-hands... you decide!