Thursday, January 13: Rejected CT Vanity Plates; Concert Announcements; Colin Quinn Returns

Jan 13, 03:39 PM

Chaz and AJ learned that a local resident will be attending the Super Bowl! Tori from Pack Leaders Rescue was on to talk about Lulu, one of the puppy participants in this year's Puppy Bowl. (0:00)

Dumb Ass News - A YouTuber attended an open-mic city council meeting, and decided to deliver his message about getting vaccinated by a free-style rap. (10:13)

The state has denied a lot of vanity plates. Chaz and AJ had some from the list, and then learned a detail about veteran plates that upset them. (18:19)

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik was on, with a surprise announcement! He went over the details of the show that was JUST added to Toad's Place, and also all you need to know for the pre-sale. Plus, Sammy Hagar news and the anniversary of the legendary Bob Dylan show at Toad's. (28:16)

Colin Quinn called back from a working phone, to talk about his show in Norwalk this weekend, and admitted to sabotaging the success of his own career by saying "no" to appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (49:18) 

Image Credit: 9parusnikov / iStock / Getty Images Plus