43 | The Andromedans on co-creating with the Earth to anchor the Golden Age, Part 2

Jan 14, 12:27 AM

Welcome to part 2 of this 3 part mini-series where I will channel wisdom from our dear star families. They are here to share insights about what it means to live in a golden civilization from their own perspective, as they help us transition into the new Golden Age of Miracles that is upon us.

I am here to be an oracle of wisdom and share this wisdom with the collective.

In this channeled transmission, I would love to share with you some wisdom coming from our beloved star family, the Andromedans. They are here to help us understand how we can create the Golden Age of Miracles on Earth. The Andromeda’s especially share around the connection that we have with our planet.

They want to share with us all about the unique way that we are entering the Golden Age of Miracles from the lens of understanding our connection with our planet. This information is mesmerising!

The Andromedans tell us what Earth Consciousness is and how we can connect to it. They share with us about the soul of the Earth and what we can do to reach a point of homeostasis, align to unity consciousness and receive regenerative energy from our mother.

They also share with us how they have achieved living in complete harmony with all of the planets within their own galaxy plus so much more!

This episode covers:
  • Who the Andromedans are and why they are working with us 
  • The soul of the Earth
  • What Earth Consciousness is
  • How to co-create with the Earth
  • Practices on how to connect, receive and release to the Earth
  • Receiving regenerative energy from the Earth
  • Co-creating a completely eco-friendly civilisation
  • Living in Andromeda & why it is so beautiful

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