How to get your finances on track at 40: From pensions to property, how to get where you want to be

Jan 14, 04:49 PM

Turning 40 is a milestone birthday – and perhaps the one that gets people thinking most about where they are at in life.

It’s an age that involves a lot of looking back and looking forwards and a fair amount of comparing yourself to where others are at.

But what do you need to think about in terms of your finances, from pensions, to property, investing and saving?

On this podcast – as a certain Georgie Frost turns 40 – Simon Lambert and her take the opportunity to have a look at the financial side of hitting the big 4-0.

It’s not just for those who are 40, it looks at people’s financial life in the decade around this age – and includes plenty of tips relevant to those who are much younger or older.

Plus, Simon takes us back in time to what Britain’s economy and finances were like 40 years ago in 1982. How much did a house cost? What did people earn? How high were interest rates? And was it better, worse or incomparable?