Will Operation Red Meat work?

Jan 17, 11:19 AM

Tory MPs have just returned from their constituencies after a weekend of persuading voters to support their party in the May local elections. It’s not just the public that is angry, the local associations are equally outraged at the scandals that have marred the first month of 2022.
Those around Boris Johnson are planning 'Operation Red Meat' which is a policy tactic to save the Prime Minister's premiership. Nadine Dorries has announced her plans to cut the budget of the BBC. It has also been announced that the military is stepping in to try to stop migrants crossing the English Channel. But is it a little too late?
‘They’ve been telling us they are going to sort this [migrant crisis] out but for two years the problem has got worse' - James Forsyth.

Even by the government’s own admission, the solution rests on finding somewhere to host an offshore processing centre. But most of the countries the government is looking towards are unlikely to be suitable partners. 

All of this on the podcast as Katy Balls speaks to Isabel Hardman and James Forsyth.