Untitled Chit-tape

Episode 104,  Jan 17, 11:41 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #104 - "Untitled Chit-tape"

Episode 104 is in full effect with special guests, The Untitled Mixtape! Listen as we talk about their show (5:18), Coachella/Bonnaroo lineup announcements (1:08:13), say RIP Bob Saget (1:22:23), give a BUNCH of Clown College degrees (1:28:58), Danny talks Abbott Elementary (1:50:02), Lorenzo talks The Silent Sea (1:51:03), Bob's Burgers The Movie announcement (1:52:13), Kendrick Lamar & South park creators to make movie (1:54:22), and more! We also talk/feature (32:40) music from Bonobo, Underoath, Cordae, Broken Social Scene, Blood Red Shoes, The Lumineers, Earl Sweatshirt, FKA Twigs, The Musalini, and more. Our intro/outro music is "Wanka Boi" by Casey Frey & Charlz Bucket.

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