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Episode 1344,  Jan 16, 05:00 PM

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome to EV News Daily for Sunday 16th January. It’s Martyn Lee here and I go through every EV story so you don't have to.

Thank you to MYEV.com for helping make this show, they’ve built the first marketplace specifically for Electric Vehicles. It’s a totally free marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling process, and help you learn about EVs along the way too.

For the question of the week:  I first of all hope you go on as you have. EV News Daily help me keep up to date on what is happening in the EV space. You give me the overview, and I can select what I want to do a deep dive into with the help of your notes and links in the show notes. 

Rajeev Narayan
As someone who has been listening since the near the beginning, it’s been great watching the show grow! I really like the longer format show, the discussions and your enthusiasm around the topics. I get that you would like to cater to us as well as newer listeners who might want something shorter. My concern is that this is even more work for you, and this is already a daily show… where you don’t take a salary, and you have a wife and young child. If you feel this is doable, more power to you, but I remain concerned about the time / work commitment.

Pol Conway
I agree with Rajeev's comments above. I don't mind the longer shows but bear in mind the extra effort you would have to put into creating the two options proposed. Balance it against the priority of family life and any stress it may add to your already hectic day.

Pete Bremy
Martyn, I personally like the current version, in fact it could be longer. You accompany me on my daily exercise walk which is an hour. I do understand that others  may not have as much time. I would vote no for the live show only because I listen at  different times of the day. It would be difficult to catch all shows.

Eddie Ragasa
I agree with what everyone is already saying. Keep the longer format. Thanks for everything you do. 

Mario Caballero
Due to the ever-growing list of podcasts that seem to be getting added to my subscription list, while keeping the same fixed amount of time available to listen to them, I am ending up with a large number of podcast episodes remaining unplayed. Because of this, I vote for the shorter ones.  I also have the same concern as Rajeev that it will take more effort on your part to create two and post them in more places. 

Perhaps, the dailies become shorter but you do a weekly episode that is longer (like the Saturday interviews) analyzing the news of the week?

Anthony Carroll
I love the show as it is but am open to something different. As other patrons have said, we all worry about your workload and don't want to overburden you.  Personally, I find the 15-22 minute show lengths to be about right. Your opinions/editorials, and insights on certain topics are definitely appreciated

Craig Rogers
I agree with Anthony that 15-22 minutes are about the correct length, and like the others I do worry about the burden of creating another podcast, in addition to the other podcasts and live streams you do.

Raj Badwal
20mim is perfect in my opinion, I love the idea of a live discussion but maybe once a week to keep your work load down.

Matti Jouhkimo
Honestly I'd listen to what ever you produce! Both sound fine and I'm all in for 30 minute episodes. I hope you also consider your own time, needs and wants in these decisions. 

Doug Vowles
For me, much of the news serves only to confirm for me the inexorable advance of EV's.  As a Tesla owner, I get most of my Tesla news from Tesla oriented sites, and I don't much care about the levels of trim now available on some car that isn't even available in my market (Canada).  What I really value is your take on events, Martyn.  I like it when you editorialize! I would prefer the in-depth format with just a news capsule.  But I also know that others listen to you for the detail stuff.  You have your work cut out for you.

Jukka Kukkonen
I think this is an excellent idea. It will also allow people to choose how deep they want to go every day based on their time available or interest in the topics covered that day. 

Eduard Pertíñez
My shower take as long as your daily episode. I wonder if I take longer showers today that when I discovered you!

Thomas Cook
My only gripe with the current format is that there is not enough! I could listen to you go on for an hour a day easily. There are certain pieces of news that could easily be expanded into 20-minute segments alone and the daily recap could be the perfect place for this. I would also love to hear guests more often. 

So if were talking the "news" episode shortening by 10-15 minutes daily but gain back that 10-15 minutes in the form of a more in-depth recap then no complaint here! 

You can put both formats in my feed, but I'm going to warn you, I'm gonna listen to both of them!

Brian OLeary
Your work helps me professionally and very relevant.  If the shorter venue is to increase your base and doesn't dilute your winning formula (regular, relevant podcasts + transcripts), it can't hurt.  

Andrew Whelan
Much of my work and trends show that many people want more flexible vehicle and mobility sharing for convenience and sustainability - so traditional ownership models of everyone buying a car may be changing. 

Sami El-Abdallah
Love the show, and happy anniversary! I found it a couple months ago as I was EV shopping and it’s great. My #1 EV news podcast. Don’t change a thing. (Went with a model Y by the way, but I still love hearing about all the other EVs coming out since I will need a second less sporty car in the near future)

One topic I’m very interested in that hasn’t had much news to cover until recently is vehicle to home, which you touched on here and there as news came up, so thank you for that.

Michael Lulchak
As you move to the next chapter of EVNewsDaily, may I humbly suggest:

- for things that you would normally cover on a regular day, that pop up on a heavy news day -  something that Nikki and her crew over at Transport Evolved have done for quite some time - short shorts.  A list of quick headlines that we listen to and figure out if we want to follow up.  I would extend that to stories that don't have enough ... POP .. to include in the podcast or that seem a bit too small.  I follow a *LOT* of links in podcast show notes!

- The other way that I have seen this done is by Brian McCullough of the TechMeme ride home, where he lists stories that he can't address because they are too long or involved for the Podcast to cover properly.  Those are normally part of his 'long read' suggestions where he has links in the show notes.

Craig Matsuura
 I would like to hear some episodes with interviewing companies affecting EV and clean energy change, especially in the U.S.  Maybe with Fast charging companies like electrify america, and evgo, power companies and auto manufacturers. (Maybe something like the YouTube channel interviews?)

YouTube the daily news with some b roll to illustrate the subject.

Nick Christen
As an idea for the podcast, would it be possible to do a monthly (quarterly?) segment on how someone is supposed to switch to EV (e.g. planning for trips, charging while driving, how to accommodate the extra time needed to “fuel” up, et cetera)? Or if that is too much, do one and then a random plug for this “getting started” guide?

Jim Connell
One of the things I really like about your show is that it takes a worldwide view concerning EV’s. News from England, Europe, USA, etc.  However, I live in Canada and in the two years of listening, I think I’ve heard of EV’s news from my “colony” maybe twice.  So, my suggestion to you would be to include news from my country as well.

Patrick Wiggins
One thing I’d like to see changed is how to donate. Right now it’s just patreon.  Please add PayPal?  I have a few dozen places I make donations to and they all accept PayPal.

David Sibson
. The podcast hits the spot in terms of frequency and length, the content is interesting and the delivery crystal clear.

 The written summary is particularly useful and contrasts favourably with that of the other podcast for which you are a contributor, INSIDE EVs. I find the latter overly long and it is difficult to go straight to the individual items that I am interested in (eg Volvo suv concept BEV). 

Chris Dickinson
I love your podcast and tend to listen to almost all of them. Great content and well produced. What I particularly like is that you are U.K. based.  I find that way too much content is very USA focused. I drive a Made in China Tesla Model 3 long range.  While I love listening to Ride the Lightning to get my Tesla news, the U.K. barely gets a mention.   So please do lean into your U.K. content.  I love hearing about what’s going on here in the U.K. , but I also like your international coverage of all EV brands too. 


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