44 | The Greater Architecture of Karma

Jan 19, 02:16 AM

In this transmission, I share downloads about the architecture of Karma and how this relates to the pathways of evolution that we take as individual souls.

For individual souls, our biggest pathway of evolution will be different and this comes down to what our soul is interested in learning here on Earth. 

Learn about the architecture of our mission, purpose, and pathways of evolution.

I share why it can be good to know our bigger overarching pathway of evolution and how reincarnating time and time again to activate and transcend these big pathways of evolution is the greater understanding of karma.

This is the upper fractal reflection of karma, where we choose to come here to experiment with our pathways of evolution & experience our deepest heart desires. 

🪐 Bonjour!
I am your host Cendrine, ascension and mission mentor and trance channel to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light.  

Together we will learn about the infinite quantum and galactic realms so we can embody more of our multidimensionality and accelerate our ascension.

Let’s reclaim our freedom and recode our reality

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