Daly Dose 01-19-22 The NFL Playoffs kick off!

Jan 19, 12:00 PM

This week on the Dose, we remember two former NFL players on their birthdays.
The Los Angeles Rams advanced in the NFL Playoffs on Monday night, and we give a brief history of the Arizona Cardinals franchise.
Then, we are joined by a long time friend of the Dose to look at a number of sports subjects. We talk about college basketball, and some of the top teams in the country. We look at the NBA: Will the Golden State Warriors be able to keep up this current pace, and is there any reason to have faith in the Brooklyn Nets?
The College Football Playoff just completed, and we wonder if the current format is the best. How can other conferences catch up with the SEC? Is the current transfer rule going to be best for the game and the players?
What are the best available NFL coaching positions that are open, and who are the top candidates to fill them?
Then we turn our focus to the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals were able to scrape out a close win over the Las Vegas Raiders. Did the officials steal the game from the Raiders?
The Buffalo Bills pounded the New England Patriots, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers blew out the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Kansas City Chiefs cruised past the Pittsburgh Steelers. Was the playoff expansion the reason for some of the lopsided games?
The San Francisco 49ers held on to upset the Dallas Cowboys, and once again the officiating was in the news. Who was to blame for the Cowboys collapse?
Finally, we look forward to what we might expect in the Divisional round, and moving forward on the way to Super Bowl LVI!