Wednesday, January 19: Crazy Spider Bite Story; Tribe Member Survives Failed Sleeping Giant Rappel; AJ Still Hates Girl Scout Cookies

Jan 19, 2022, 03:50 PM

Chaz and AJ had WFSB Channel 3 reporter Roger Susanin on to talk about the announcement expected by Bob Stefanowski, that he will be running again for governor. (0:00)

Trapper Don was on with a crazy story about a spider bite, and the insane doctor he visited to help him with his swollen knee. (3:46)

Bob Stefanowski was on with Chaz and AJ to make it official: he is running for governor. Bob specifically wanted the announcement to happen here, first, and he detailed why he thinks this time around he will win the election. (9:21)

Matt from Brookfield is a Tribe member, and has a crazy survival story from a failed attempt rappelling down a cliff in Sleeping Giant State Park. (27:35)

Dianna Mahoney was on with good news, it's Girl Scout Cookie season! Everyone on the show has a favorite cookie, except for AJ who hates everything about the girl scouts, cookies, and fun. (38:40)

Live Nation's Jimmy Koplik was on to tease an announcement by KISS, about their rescheduled 2020 Farewell Tour date in CT. Looks like it will finally happen in 2022, on a yet-to-be-released date in May. (49:41)

Image Credit: gashgeron / iStock / Getty Images Plus