45 | Blocks on our pathway of evolution & how to remove them

Jan 21, 01:07 AM

Many of my students share that they can, at times, feel stuck in their evolution.

We may feel we are trapped in a situation or experiencing the same things over and over again without making progress. 

There are different ways that we get stuck within the architecture of pathways of evolution.  In this transmission, learn about the dynamics of being stuck in the different stages on the pathway of evolution which are expression, experimentation, integration and transcendence. 

Using examples from my own life, I share different ways that these blocks at various stages can be moved through or dissolved so that we can integrate and transcend lessons in life.

Before listening to this transmission, learn about the fundamental architecture of pathways of evolution shared in episode 42: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7aDz7ZtAHQZQLpqXFau9Ib?si=d00b0ec8c7a24ef8

This transmission covers:

  • Being stuck in the first stage of evolution: expression
  • Healing of our inner child, ancestors and past lives
  • Being stuck between experimentation & integration of a heart desire
  • Reclaiming our sovereignty to help us to integrate our evolution
  • Confronting the reality of experimentation and integration of lessons
  • The dance between the divine feminine and masculine frequencies around our heart desires
  • Reaching transcendence of our pathway of evolution
  • Transcendence of a relationship 

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