#Londinium90AD: Saturninus of Germania Superior and Zelensky of Ukraine defeated. Michael Vlahos.

Jan 23, 03:45 AM

Photo:  Remains of a Roman aqueduct similar to those found in Mogontiacum (present-day Mainz), capital of Germany Superior.


#Londinium90AD: Saturninus of Germania Superior and Zelensky of Ukraine defeated.  Michael Vlahos.


In January 89, Saturninus led a revolt. He expected his Germanic allies to cross the Rhine to support him, but were prevented by a sudden thaw of the river, and the revolt was quickly put down by Domitian's generals Lucius Appius Maximus Norbanus and the future emperor Trajan. Afterwards, Norbanus burned Saturninus' letters in an attempt to avoid implicating others. However, Domitian had numerous others executed with Saturninus, displaying their heads on the rostra at Rome.
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Domitian went to war against the Chatti in 83–85, who were north of Frankfurt (in Hesse named after them). At this time the first line, or continuous fortified border, was constructed. It consisted of a cleared zone of observation, a palisade where practicable, wooden watchtowers and forts at the road crossings.