You Simps...

Episode 105,  Jan 24, 02:01 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #105 - "You Simps..."

Episode 105! Listen in as we say RIP to Meatloaf/Louie Anderson/Gaspard Ulliel (11:10), give Clown College degrees to Mitch McConnell/James Iannazzo (16:00), the new Moon Knight trailer drop (38:58), Book of Boba Fett (46:33), Danny talks Scream 5 & Alcapulco (52:41), Leo talks scam buster videos on Youtube (59:11), Daniel Radcliffe to play Weird Al Yankovic (1:06:27), Ana De Armas fans/simps sue over BS (1:11:30), Microsoft buying Activision/Blizzard (1:20:17), playing Sea of Thieves/community day (1:34:10), Every Time I Die breaking up (1:44:05), The Smoker's Club Fest announcement (1:49:44), When We Were Young Fest announcement/drama (1:52:16), and more! We also talk/feature (2:07:35) music from Thes One, Che Noir, Comeback Kid, J:Kenzo, Boris, Aurora, Billy Talent, Silverbacks, Yard Act, and more. Our intro music is "Sunset in Ghana" by Arrested Development.

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