Is VR the Future of Remote Work? Ft. Jonathan Schneider, CEO

Season 3, Episode 65,  Jan 24, 02:52 PM

On this episode of the Humans of DevOps, Jason Baum is joined by Jonathan Schneider, co-founder, and CEO of Moderne. They discuss how remote teams can overcome challenges using VR, the benefits of VR for remote teams, and how VR impacts code quality and developer productivity.

View a short clip of the VR experience.

Jonathan Schneider previously led the engineering effort around large-scale automated code refactoring at Netflix, where he founded the open source OpenRewrite project. On the Spring Team at Pivotal, he led the site reliability engineering team and founded the popular Java metrics library Micrometer. He is the author of O’Reilly’s "SRE with Java Microservices.”

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