Luca Volpe - Mentalism KING Talks Business Success, Mentalism, Performing & More | Talk Magic Podcast With Craig Petty #137

Episode 137,  Jan 25, 01:00 PM

In this interview Luca talks about his career, how he got started in mentalism and what choices led to him becoming one of the top mentalists in the country. Along the way Luca offers some truly valuable advice both from a business point of view but also a performing point of view. If you are looking for a truly engaging interview that you won't be able to stop listening to you have come to the right place!

Without a doubt, Luca Volpe is one of the most valued mentalists in the world. 
Luca has been performing mentalism and "magic of the mind" for over 25 years.

His experience and wealth of knowledge in this specialist field of entertainment is noticeable in every live performance. 

He is considered one of the most innovative and original mentalists today and not only does he entertain with his elegant but cheeky Italian style he has the rare skill to astound all types of audiences.

For the mentalism community he has published books that have sold over 15,000 copies and are prized pieces in the repertoires of many professional mentalists. 

He has been featured on the front cover of many important magic magazines and his work as a "mentalist consultant" has been requested by many professional performers for television and theatre shows.