Tutti Taygerly - Make Space to Lead

Season 2, Episode 21,  Jan 25, 04:12 PM

Power of Ten is a podcast hosted by Andy Polaine about design operating at many levels, zooming out from thoughtful detail through to organisational transformation and on to changes in society and the world.

My guest this week is Tutti Taygerly, returning to the show for a second time. Tutti is an executive leadership coach and professional speaker. She supports CEOs and tech leaders to embrace their unique leadership style to achieve professional impact. She works closely with women, people of color, and immigrants and has a particular love for “difficult” people. Previously she was a design leader at design firms, startups, and large companies including Disney and Facebook. She has written for Business Insiderand Fast Company and in this episode she talks about her new book Make Space to Lead that shows high achievers how to reframe our relationship to work.

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